Mira Taussi & Mikko Bredenberg

Imagined & staged by Mira Taussi & Mikko Bredenberg

Rooms by the Sea is a visual performance based on the paintings of Edward Hopper (1882–1967). Masterfully capturing the essence of urban solitude, Hopper’s works have inspired Mira Taussi and Mikko Bredenberg to create an intriguingly atmospheric piece of visual theatre concerning an artist working on small-scale models of rooms and buildings.

Premiered in 2017, the internationally-acclaimed Rooms by the Sea invites the spectator to step inside an absorbing rendition of Edward Hopper’s world.

”A unique and memorable aesthetic experience you don’t have to try to explain or comprehend.”
Annina Karhu, Turun Sanomat newspaper

”Wordless poetry built from moments. Magical, beautiful, bordering on meditation.”
– Festival Artistic Team