Hitler and Blondi

The Finnish National Theatre & TTT-Theatre

2020 Programme

Thirteen songs for dictator, German Shepherd and piano.

”In June 2017 I asked Seela Sella, half-kiddingly, if she had any role in mind, a particular part she would still like to play. Without missing a beat she answered: Hitler.

I was amused, even bewildered – and started thinking about it. Soon I realized that if Hitler was played by an 83-year-old Jewish woman, I had a very intriguing and original angle for a theatrical production with an interesting subject, a central figure in modern history.

It took me a few weeks to gather up my courage to call Seela and ask if she really meant what she said earlier. ’Of course I meant it,’ she answered. ’Brilliant,’ I said. ’So, if I write Hitler for you, will you do it?’ I asked. ’Sure. If I’m still alive,’ she replied.

Two and a half years later – after I’d convinced not one but two theatre managers that this is a phenomenal idea – we’re ready to present our take on Adolf Hitler: who and what he was.”

                      – Michael Baran, director