Wild Game

Helsinki City Theatre

2020 Programme

A devastating family tragedy set in an industrial city in the 1970s.

Erwin and Hilda’s thirteen-year-old daughter Hanni, their only child, has fallen in love. Her boyfriend Franz is nineteen. The disapproving parents are ashamed, as they don’t know what to do when Hanni refuses to let go of her first love.

Franz is convicted for the illicit affair, but after his sentence the relationship continues, and things begin to spiral towards a tragic conclusion.

What is real love, and who has the right to love? Wild Game is a heart-wrenching story about the end of childhood. It shows the futile efforts of parents trying to deal with a disconnected child, while showing the passion of young people struggling to take control of their own lives. It sweeps you away with its atmosphere and humane performances.

”The actors embody their characters expertly, but especially Ella Mettänen is outstanding as Hanni, with her ability to flesh out the appearance and inner conflict of a child and a teenager taking her first, premature steps into adulthood.” – Tuomas Rantanen, Voima magazine