Finlayson Live: Matti Johannes Koivu

The Finlayson area live concerts continue during Tampere Theatre Festival week! 

Singer-songwriter Matti Johannes Koivu is known as an artist who doesn't hesitate to bring his feelings into music. Koivu's music has influences from folk and beat-music. 

Finlayson Live -concerts are part of the Finlayson area varied summer program. You can enjoy live music three nights per week for free.

In co-operation with the Finlayson area and Nem Agency.

NOTE. Program changes are possible. The events are organized with corona guidelines in mind and following audience restrictions. Please come to events healthy. Mask recommendation. Your own masks can also be included.Hand sanitizers can be found on site.


We strongly recommend wearing a face mask in all Tampere Theatre Festival's events.

Please check Tampere Theatre Festival Audience Safety Guide here.