Teater Viirus


Original text by Joakim Pirinen; directed by Jussi Sorjanen

The Goods are living a fantasy. No worldly trouble penetrates their underground bunker. They live in peace. There is no room for disagreement or quarreling.

This is a utopia, where everything looks good on the outside. Or a dystopia, where everything just sits there waiting to be blown to smithereens.

Author Joakim Pirinen takes an immaculate image of everyday life and paints over it in goofy colors. The play oozes with suspense, even though it might be the only play in history without any kind of conflict written into it.

These isolated scenes could very well be lifted straight out of our lives during the pandemic. But, contrary to the real world, things are just perfect with the Goods.

”It’s wonderful when a performance doesn’t parade its message but leaves room for interpretations.”
Janne Wass, Hufvudstadsbladet newspaper

”The pandemic makes this piece ring truer than ever. The dystopia feels much closer now than back in the ’80s when the play was written. Even without conflicts on stage, the gruesome tension gets you. Silence speaks volumes.”
– Festival Artistic Team