Disco of Fairytales

– Gootti Vapaavuori Goes Full HD

Disco of Fairytales is a performance based on the character of Gootti Vapaavuori. Vapaavuori sees that being goth is beautiful: death is the aim of all life, whereas life itself is a lame pre-party.

This performance is not about scowling. Heavy topic comes to a reason to celebrate, enjoying the aesthetics of infirmity. Death is embraced with open arms!

Let’s go to the Disco of Fairytales! Let’s fly there by Datsun!

Working group
Nuutti Vapaavuori, Antti Haikkala, Tanjalotta Räikkä and Perttu Sinervo.

Music composed by
Gootti Vapaavuori

Music lyrics by
Antti Haikkala, Gootti Vapaavuori