TREenit! ry

TREenit! Ry organizes work shop for countertechnique led by Jussi Nousiainen. The course is held in Finnish or English depending on participants. The event is aimed at professionals. 

"During this workshop week we explore the modality of the human body, performing, being present and rooting the mind in the present moment using the tools discovered in the morning classes. We will be working as individuals, together, in pairs, in small groups and as a group through a variety of tasks and games and drawing from the observations, discussions, and thoughts raised and faced during the workshop.

We ask you to bring a sentence or a thought put in words with you to be used as material for your work."

Course registration has ended. 


Morning training: Mon–Sat 2–6 Aug at 10.00–11.30
Work Shop: Mon–Sat 2–6 Aug at 12.30–15.00

Address: Aleksis Kiven katu 18 B, 4.kerros