Circus Ruska Festival: Kate & Pasi

Circus Ruska Festival celebrates domestic circus art for the 15th time! 

Circus Ruska Festival sparkles up the Tampere Theatre Festival week during 4–7 August 2021. The programme presents domestic and european street circus and varieties – dizzy balancing, acrobatics, juggling, comedy and amazing tricks.

Kate & Pasi "Resto"

Resto is a story about a traveling restaurant that always finds its place and customers. Everything doesn’t always go as planned, but joy is always present. Light comedic and positive contemporary circus performance tells the story about two restaurant owners who love their job. They have a unique way to prepare food for their customers and you might get hungry during the show. Pizzas, onions and also humans will fly during this performance!

The performance is well suited for international viewers.


We strongly recommend wearing a face mask in all Tampere Theatre Festival's events.

Please check Tampere Theatre Festival Audience Safety Guide here.