Hemma Beast

The late-night party is kicked off by the legendary Hemma Beast – first time live in Tampere!

The insanely lively and proficient group consists of A-list Finnish musicians – it includes Sami Pitkämö, Lenni-Kalle Taipale, Marzi Nyman, Jarmo Saari, Tatu Ferchen, Joonas Kaikko and Timo Tuppurainen.

In this concert everything is possible and the set list has no limits.

On stage
Sami Pitkämö, vocals
Lenni-Kalle Taipale, keys
Marzi Nyman, guitar
Jarmo Saari, guitar
Tatu Ferchen, percussion
Timo Tuppurainen, bass
Joonas Kaikko, drums