A massive Helsinki City Theatre hit based on Pajtim Statovci’s equally massive Finlandia-winning novel, Bolla is a story about forbidden love.

Arsim, an Albanian family man, and Miloš, a Serb, fall for each other during the Kosovo War in the late 1990s, and what ensues is a timeless and topical tale about impossible relationships and a depiction of conflicts, marriage and longing. This crushing love story with loaded dialogue and restrained presentation shows us how dire circumstances can turn someone into a knot of cruelty, violence, caring and tenderness.

”Bolla has the timeless power of classical tragedies. It shows a side of recent European history we Finns have never really seen”, says director Milja Sarkola.

”Once again, Sarkola’s direction results in precise and brilliant acting.”
– Sanna Kangasniemi, Helsingin Sanomat newspaper