Arctic Games

Tampere Theatre & Espoo City Theatre

2020 Programme

75-year-old wintertime veteran Marja-Terttu Zeppelin returns to Finland after closing her barbecue joint in Greenland. Meanwhile, her ex-husband Martti Piano Larsson’s job has turned into a sinecure, as his business, which mainly consisted of employing alcoholics, has evolved into a bona fide film production company now.

Arctic Games tells the story of two former traveling companions who parted ways twelve years earlier. It is also a story of a fateful hunting accident, the Brotherhood of Doormen, and the radicalization of Vili Tiippanainen and Intijani Mikkola. Set in Kokkola, a coastal town located on the Gulf of Bothnia, the action takes place in the home of Marja-Terttu’s middle-aged daughter Maura Zeppelin, who lives on a small cove along a fictional last shore, where December is a perfectly solid month for boating.

This piece is a late addition to Leea and Klaus Klemola’s Arctic Trilogy – a surprising but consistent fourth installment, perhaps the final act, which deals with issues such as the difficulty of success, loneliness and climate change. It’s a true story about a game that beats death.


”Leea and Klaus Klemola possess the amazing power to make totally off-the-rails theatre that still speaks about the human condition and the world around us more rousingly than any other Tampere Theatre production in the 21st century.” – Kaisa Järvelä,