A Liar’s Wig

KOM Theatre

2020 Programme

”I’m laughing because I love you so much and it took me this long to realize it.”

Ten years ago a biographical play about and starring its co-writers Pirkko Saisio and Marja Packalén was premiered at KOM Theatre. The Wait drew a nationwide audience of more than 30,000, including performances at the Tampere Theatre Festival.

How have the play’s two stars changed with age in a decade? And what about the fact that almost half their friends have now passed away?

A Liar’s Wig deals with recollection and becoming yourself. Saisio and Packalén act out events from their past, pivotal points in relationships, professional blunders, instances of self-humiliation, fits of ecstasy and experiences of life’s holiness.

Director Heini Junkkaala based the play’s script on Saisio and Packalén’s recorded interviews and improvisations.


”I think it’s humanly impossible to render the interplay of grief and amusement more exquisitely than this.” – Sanna Kangasniemi, Helsingin Sanomat newspaper