• Belfast Boy

    3.8. | 4.8.Tickets 34/32 € TTT Kellariteatteri

    There he is seated, on his chair, and the one-hour session may begin. Each question asked digs deeper into Martin’s life: the restless Northern Ireland of his childhood and fleeing to London; the Dance Academy and the… Read more »

  • Perplex

    4.8. | 5.8.Tickets 29/27 € TT Frenckell

    Eva and Robert return home from a vacation and find their friends, Judith and Sebastian, in the house they thought was theirs. Nothing seems as it used to be, nothing feels right. What is going on?

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  • Megan's Story

    4.8. | 5.8.Tickets 29/27/15 € Pakkahuone

    A topical drama brings on stage cyberbullying in all its cruelty. Megan, an American girl, committed suicide after she had been harassed and bullied online by kids and adults alike. Tuomas Timonen’s play is based on these… Read more »

  • Woe

    5.8. | 6.8.Tickets 32/30 € Teatterimonttu

    Three teenagers turn to the audience and address it directly. They want to talk about something they have no words for. They lead each spectator through memories of his or her own youth: do you remember, can you imagine,… Read more »

  • Personal Symphonic Moment

    6.8. | 7.8.Tickets 29/25 € Hällä-näyttämö

    The dance piece Personal Symphonic Moment is based on and inspired by Dimitri Shostakovich’ seventh symphony. Shostakovich largely wrote the symphony, often called a symbol of resistance, while staying in the… Read more »

  • Sister

    6.8. | 7.8.Tickets 36/34 € TTT Klubi

    Amy and Rosana are two real-life sisters born in the mid-1980s. Amy has worked in the sex industry and Rosana is a radical lesbian. Sister is their performance of sisterhood, family and women’s sexual identity.

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  • Petra

    8.8. | 9.8.Tickets 32/30 € Hällä-näyttämö

    Mrs. Petra Sveinsdóttir had one great passion in her life: stones. Her stone collection grew over the years to be the world’s largest privately owned mineral collection.

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  • Dirty Dancing

    8.8. | 9.8. Tickets 29/25 € Pakkahuone

    What is considered dirty, obscene and inappropriate in the 2010s? Dirty Dancing is dirt and dancing in various forms. It is foul stench and incredible beauty and stained pop, pastel muck, making a mess, cleaning… Read more »