• Wasteland

    6.8. | 7.8.Tickets 36/34 € Tampere Hall, Park Hall

    A deceptively simple story introduces a family of three living in a Soviet era duplex. The father, a Russian army officer and a veteran of the Chechen war, escapes reality in a fantasy world and...

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  • Mutantdance

    7.8. | 8.8.Tickets 32/30 € Hällä-näyttämö


    This curious expedition into the evolution of dance is full of energy and joy of discovery! Mutantdance is a sympathetic and cheerful performance that explores dance from an anthropological,… Read more »
  • BLAM!

    8.8.| 9.8.Tickets 35/25€ Tampere Hall, Main Auditorium

    There is a superhero waiting to get loose under every geek’s polyester shirt. Four office geeks decide to kick boredom in the butt. They turn their ordinary, bleak work place into a blockbuster...

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  • The Big Feast

    8.8. | 9.8. | 10.8.Tickets 38/36 € Pakkahuone

    What is fluffy as pudding, light as a lettuce leaf? The Estonian Teater NO99 answers the question with a satirical comedy where four people get together for a destructive dinner.

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  • Oh My Irma

    9.8. | 10.8.Tickets 32/30 € TTT Kellariteatteri

    An odd young woman walks onto the stage carrying an old suitcase and wearing blood-stained clothes. “Yes, I did it! But it wasn’t my fault.” The talented young writer and actor Haley McGee...

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