• Kitchen

    4.8. | 5.8.Tickets 34/32 € Teatteri Telakka

    The most candid discussions always take place in the kitchen. This time makes no exception. Brother nations come together when two Estonians – a man and a woman – and two Finnish odd job men...

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  • somedaymyprincewill.com

    4.8. | 5.8.Tickets 34/32 € Teatterimonttu

    Sare, the daughter of Turkish parents who has grown up in Holland, has been looking for her place in the world since childhood. Then the headstrong young woman falls in love with a Turkish man...

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  • The Crazy Locomotive

    5.8. | 6.8.Tickets 36/34 € Pakkahuone

    The Polish playwright and novelist Stanisław Witkiewicz’s experimental and avant-gardist play The Crazy Locomotive was published in 1923. How to respond to the serious challenge of...

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  • Tia Cohen Goes Edith Piaf

    5.8.Tickets 20€ Programme Tent

    Tia Cohen, ”The Little Sparrow of Punavuori”, and her band conjure up an evening filled with passionate love for life and song.

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  • Wasteland

    6.8. | 7.8.Tickets 36/34 € Tampere Hall, Park Hall

    A deceptively simple story introduces a family of three living in a Soviet era duplex. The father, a Russian army officer and a veteran of the Chechen war, escapes reality in a fantasy world and...

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  • Mutantdance

    7.8. | 8.8.Tickets 32/30 € Hällä-näyttämö


    This curious expedition into the evolution of dance is full of energy and joy of discovery! Mutantdance is a sympathetic and cheerful performance that explores dance from an anthropological,… Read more »
  • BLAM!

    8.8.| 9.8.Tickets 35/25€ Tampere Hall, Main Auditorium

    There is a superhero waiting to get loose under every geek’s polyester shirt. Four office geeks decide to kick boredom in the butt. They turn their ordinary, bleak work place into a blockbuster...

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  • The Big Feast

    8.8. | 9.8. | 10.8.Tickets 38/36 € Pakkahuone

    What is fluffy as pudding, light as a lettuce leaf? The Estonian Teater NO99 answers the question with a satirical comedy where four people get together for a destructive dinner.

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  • Oh My Irma

    9.8. | 10.8.Tickets 32/30 € TTT Kellariteatteri

    An odd young woman walks onto the stage carrying an old suitcase and wearing blood-stained clothes. “Yes, I did it! But it wasn’t my fault.” The talented young writer and actor Haley McGee...

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