Seminars, meetings and more

Tampere Theatre Festival offers a great opportunity to attend workshops, discussions, seminars and meetings. Attending the unofficial meetings in different surroundings is also part of the superb festival athmosphere.

The additional programme gives theatre professionals a chance to network and present their projects and research subjects. The events offer the participants an opportunity to exchange opinions and ideas and to get inspired.

This year’s intriguing discussions and seminars deal with topical themes of theatre in Finland. Seminars ask what kind of leadership is needed in the changing theatre organization, why sex and sexuality in theatre is in fashion again, and how young people construct the future in theatre.

In addition, as a part of the additional programme, the New Play Programme Finland (UNO) will be introduced, and critics and professionals of audience development have their yearly meetings. There is also a dance workshop called BODY/DIALOG organized for professionals and students of performing arts.

The events are held in Finnish.

At the end of the week, there is a free carnival in Hämeenpuisto called Puistofiesta, where one can enjoy music and all sorts of fun activities.