Riihimäen Teatteri

Military, My Love

Written and directed by Elina Snicker

A retiring officer has spent his whole life preparing for a war that never materialized. In turn, his 19-year-old daughter voluntarily enlists for military service, upset by the fact that she’s not obliged by law to do so. Both of them want to be an important part of society, but are their services really needed?

Military, My Love is a comedy-drama that takes place in a small army base town. It’s a story of a father and a daughter who lose their way in the world outside the military. Without the support of an authoritative system even their own bodies seem disjointed and somewhat amputated. Still, they strive to find a place where they could at least face each other.

This is Elina Snicker’s second work for the Riihimäki Theatre. Her first, Harmony Sisters, was a critical success and part of the 2015 Tampere Theatre Festival.

The Riihimäki Theatre was selected the 2017 Theatre of the Year in Finland.